Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Most Popular Post of 2015 was.....

This year has been a crazy year.  2015 has had many losses and gains for our family.  Having lost a beloved sister, aunt and uncle, we wondered if the losses would stop.  Looking back through the posts on this blog have helped me realize that there are many gains to be recognized. 

Our several trips to beautiful Arizona is one of the wonderful blessings I want to point out.  The desert is healing place.  Though dry and desolate, it allows a soul to be quiet and to think and feel.  The beauty of the flora and fauna relieves the eye and refreshes the mind.

There were fishing trips, new pets , trips to Idaho, photos from Kanab, UT, bathtubs, from Monroe, UT, lots of fence posts, Renedezvous in St. George, UT., and canned elk on the counter top.

However, the most popular post of 2015 was the Video Tour of Anna Pearl's Garden.  We had 97 views, which tells us that we will be doing many more videos in 2016.

Here's the link, if you would like to see the video again.

Of course right now, the garden is covered in about 4 feet of snow.  Maybe we need a video of that. :)