Friday, October 21, 2016

The Plight of the Rolly Polly

There once was a Rolly Polly
Who crawled on the dining room floor
 Pill-bug (Isopoda) wandering on a rock
Until along came a young woman
 Who ushered him out the door.
Now he is shivering in the wind
As he crawls along the garden bed
All he wanted was a nice warm place
to lay his wee little buggy head.
The thing that he doesn't know
The knowledge better not told 
He's better off than the spider last week
Spinne - Tegenaria atrica
  She killed that poor sap, cold!
By Anna P. Taylor - All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fence Post with a View #30

While I usually try to use photos of Wyoming in this series, I just could not resist the use of this meme found on the internet for this weeks post.  The urge to use the meme is not so much the photo as is the message that overlays the photo. 

Due to recent local and national political campaigns, it feels like much of America has forgotten how to behave like our mothers taught us.  My mama taught me better.  I hope your mama taught you better.  I hope this meme reminds us all that we need to listen to our mamas!

 By the way, since I used their meme, here is the link to Cute-N-Country  They have some really cute T-shirts for the Country kid in you!  (I am not affiliated with Cute-n-Country and am not paid for the link)

Photo Credit:  Cute-N-Country

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Now We Know What They Wear Under The Kilt

All these years, we have all wondered just what they wore under those yummy kilts......

Starz Outlander series recently released some photos that explained it all.  Please don't stop at just this photo.  Go watch the first episode of this series for free.  You will subscribe!  It is amazing!

Here's the link!  Outlander - Free First Episode

Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television Inc

Friday, October 7, 2016