Thursday, February 9, 2012

1000 Visitors!!! Giveaway Pending!!!

Wow, my counter says 1000 visitors.  That is pretty cool!  I'm going home tonight and putting together a giveaway to celebrate!  Stay tuned!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Scrap Fabric Memory Game

This cute idea for a memory game would be fun for kids of all ages, 1 to 99.  It would be a great way to use up those scraps that you just have not been able to throw away.  Very simple and perfect for family fun at home, camping, or traveling.

Thanks to for the really great idea!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wyoming Wind Sock

     Not sure who took this picture, but I believe it is an accurate account of the seemingly constant wind that blows in my fair state.  In the winter, the wind seems to encourage the snow to blow across the roads, causing what we call "Ground Blizzards". In the summer, we whisper when we are planning a barbeque or a camping trip.  If we don't, the wind hears and ruins our plans.

    While the Wyoming Winds can be a burden, they also serve a very useful purpose.  Wyoming is one of the lowest populated states, with just over 400,000 people.  The beauty, grandeur and fun may bring people to Wyoming to visit, but the Wyoming Wind encourages them to leave. 

    We like it that way.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creative Attempt at Organization

Laundry at my house is a non-stop process.  My laundry room is in a closet, right by the front door!  Who does that?  who builds a house with a laundry room by the front door?  Heck, who buys a house with the laundry room by the front door?  Well, I did.  the rest of the house is wonderful and is really quite pleasant to live in.  However, the laundry situation needs to change.

While I can't change where the laundry room is located, I can change where we store the dirty laundry that is constantly accumulating in the corner of my bathroom.  (The one and only bathroom for four adults)  At present, we have a hamper that is piled high all the time.  Any given day, you may see someone's undies sticking out while you are "doing your business".  while we don't really notice, I'm sure a visitor would be shocked and appalled.

I found the picture above in Pinterest.  I think this is an excellent alternative to the messy dirty clothes hamper situation.  Not only will it keep items organized and sorted, it will serve as a reminder to the other "adults" in the house.  When a basket is full, throw it in the washer!  Gosh, I never knew it could be so easy. 

Having the other "adults" help with the laundry is, indeed, a pipe dream.  However, it is my story and I'm sticking to it!