Monday, November 6, 2017

Chunky Knitted Infinity Scarf

I saw a post by on Google Plus with a free pattern for this fun knitted fringed Infinity Cowl Scarf.....Soon to be my next project!


Friday, April 7, 2017

Fence Post With a View #43

Bald Eagle - Near Evanston, WY. Photo Credit:  Bill Ellsworth

Fence Post with a View is a Photo Series that highlights the beauty of the State of Wyoming.  Readers may also see glimpses of the travels of the author.  Guest Photographers are welcome to submit photos.  Submissions may be emailed to .  Please include a brief description of the picture and who the photo credit should be given to.  Photos must have a clearly visible fence post in them.  Photos do not have to be in the State of Wyoming. At this time, we are unable to pay for submissions.  All photos taken by Sherone Taylor are the property of Sherone Taylor.  Please do not copy without permission.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

From Our Country Store - Crocheted Dish Scrubbie

OUR EXCLUSIVE DESIGN! Hand crocheted dish scrubbie. Great for all your dishwashing needs! Can be made to order in various colors! $5 plus shipping

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Fence Post with a View #42

Field of Lilies near Island Park, ID   Photo Credit:  Sherone Taylor
Fence Post with a View is a Photo Series that highlights the beauty of the State of Wyoming.  Readers may also see glimpses of the travels of the author.  Guest Photographers are welcome to submit photos.  Submissions may be emailed to .  Please include a brief description of the picture and who the photo credit should be given to.  Photos must have a clearly visible fence post in them.  Photos do not have to be in the State of Wyoming. At this time, we are unable to pay for submissions.  All photos taken by Sherone Taylor are the property of Sherone Taylor.  Please do not copy without permission.

Monday, March 27, 2017

From our Country Store - Easter Oven Handle Kitchen Towel

Your oven handle will love its new dress! This cute kitchen towel hangs over your oven handle and dresses up your kitchen. The bodice features fun multi-colored stripes. The ties are strong grosgrain ribbon. The towel is double sided, absorbent and covered with Easter eggs, baskets, bunnies, and springy flowers. Lace finishes off the neckline. $10 plus shipping!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Arizona Spring Wedding

Today, I wanted to share a video of my beautiful niece's wedding.  The lovely Amber asked me to do the flowers for her special day in April of 2016.  We loaded up the Impala and headed to Chandler, AZ for an action packed week of wedding craziness.
Although, I have had extensive experience with silk arrangements, I had never been given the chance to execute an entire wedding with fresh flowers.  To say the least, I was nervous about the magnitude of the job ahead.
Amber had simple tastes for her flower choices.  She simply wanted light pink roses and lots of baby's breath.  As you will see in the video, we tried to use this simplicity in various ways to add beauty to an already stunning location.
Please sit back and enjoy this beautiful day with our family.
By the way, this is the result of this happy union:

Her name is Karsyn.
We must be very special to have her in our family. 
She is, indeed, a Gift from God.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Fence Post with a View #41

On the edge of Hidden Bridge Golf Course on the outskirts of Sheridan, WY.  Photo Credit: Tim Doolin
This and other fine photographs may be purchased by clicking here:

(non-affiliated with photographer = I make not a penny from sales of the photos.  I just like to support other photographers)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In Our Country Store - Hand Crocheted BoHo Bag

Brown and eggshell blue crocheted bag with vintage mother of pearl button.
-Strap - 22"
-Body - 8" by 8"
-Fringe - 6"
-Flap - 3"

Only $15 plus shipping! 

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017

He Didn't Want Her To Go - A Ghost Story

In the spring of 1888, Fort Bridger was a bustling frontier US Army post, located in a mountain valley in what is now the southwest corner of Wyoming  The Twenty-First Infantry had just arrived and was beginning to acclimate to life at their new assignment.  They had been in California and Arizona prior to this mission.  The weather was a particularly difficult adjustment.  Wyoming springtime can be quite cold.  Many of the soldiers had been more inclined to the warmer climates of the previous locations.
John “Mac” McLaughlin was one of the soldiers who came to Fort Bridger with the Twenty-First.  Following the departure of the Army in 1890, Mac stayed on at Fort Bridger.  He settled into the last of the remaining log officer’s quarters.  The others five log buildings had been sold to the local ranching community and had been moved from the location.  Little is known about Mac’s life before he came to Fort Bridger.  It is assumed that he must have had employment in the carpentry trade, as that is how he made his living following his discharge from the army.  He also worked for some of the local ranchers, including the Hamilton family.

Mac spent his life watching over the remaining buildings and the small cemetery.  Many of the families in the Fort Bridger area benefited from Mac’s carpentry skills as he worked to improve their domestic situation.  He is found in photographs of community gatherings.  There is a photo of McLaughlin with the Casto family in front of their home. There is also a photo of him when Fort Bridger was dedicated as a Wyoming State Site.
He loved the community enough to stay there until advanced age caused him to move on.  Mac had never married and had no children or known family.  When he needed care, he went to an Old Sailor’s and Soldier’s Home in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  It is at this place that he died and is buried.   According to his friends, he always wanted to be buried in the little Cemetery at Fort Bridger.  Many people who have spent time at present day Fort Bridger feel that after his death, Mac returned to Fort Bridger and has never left.
By 1930, most of the building and acreage had been purchased by or conveyed to the State of Wyoming.  Presently, this significant historic site is administered by the Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites.
On a lovely summer evening at Fort Bridger, one of the historic site employees was walking the grounds.  This was a daily activity.  Buildings needed to be checked and cleared, doors needed to be locked, and alarms needed to be set.  This particular day, the employee approached a building that the staff had dubbed the LOQ, the Log Officer's Building. 

The log building once housed two single officers, one on each side.  There is a long hallway that runs through the center of the building, separating the two residences. Located at the end of the hallway, a small maids bedroom was located off the kitchen.  Visitors to the site can walk down the hallway and look in the doorways to see each of the residences.  These doorways are blocked by clear plexiglass doors.  This allows the visitors to see in the rooms, but not venture into them.
The staff member walked down the hallway.  She entered the kitchen area.  In the kitchen, located directly opposite from the front door, was the back door.  The backdoor was covered by another plexiglass door.  This enabled the visitor to view into the kitchen from the outside.
Pulling the back door shut and locking it, the employee turned around and walked back down the hallway.  She checked each of the plexiglass doors to make sure they were secure.  As she approached the front door, she heard a voice behind her say, “No, Don’t go!”  Stopping abruptly, she turned around.  She expected to see a visitor that she had somehow missed in her search. To her great surprise, no one was there.  She retraced her steps, checking each of the rooms again.  No one else was in the building. 
Convinced that she was merely hearing things, she approached the front door again.  Using her foot, she moved the large stone that held the door open.  She grasped the black porcelain door knob, preparing to close the door.

All at once, she heard a deep moaning “NO” and the door was wrenched out of her hand.  The force was enough to cause the door to swing back into the wall.  The plaster on the wall shattered into cracks.  Gasping, she tried to pull the door towards her again.  Once more, it was pulled from her and slammed into the wall.  The second slam caused the plaster cracks to intensify. 
The staff member was convinced that she had scared herself into believing that some unseen force was playing tug a war with her. She reasoned it was just the wind drawing through the long hallway, though it was a rare non-windy day.  On her third attempt, she prepared herself for the inevitable counter pull.  However, there was no resistance.  The door shut freely and the latch clicked.  Smiling, she pulled her keys from her pocket and reached to insert the key in the lock.
The knob on the door turned and the door shot open, slamming once again into the wall.  A large chunk of plaster fell on the floor.  The employee quickly put the key back in her pocket.  She turned her back to the door.  She started to walk away from the building.  Her calm walk slowly changed into a brisk run. 

Mere minutes later, she burst into the museum.  Her supervisor looked up from his desk.  He could see that she was clearly upset about something.
“Are you alright?”, he asked with concern on his face.
“Oh, I’m fine,” she said, “but you are going to have to lock the LOQ.  Whoever is still living there did not want it locked.”
The supervisor smiled.  "Oh, you were introduced to “Mac”, he said, laughing.  “I probably should have told you about him.”  The history lesson that followed shed some light on the incident.  The LOQ is the same Log Officer’s Quarters that John “Mac” McLaughlin had lived in for many years.

Apparently, Mac is still living there, taking care of the remaining buildings.  Perhaps he is waiting for someone to grant his final wish – to be buried at the little cemetery at Fort Bridger.  It was the home he loved and has never left.

For more information about Fort Bridger's rich western history visit or Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites

Photo Sources: - Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Oven Handle Kitchen Towel

 From Anna Pearl's Kitchen!
Your oven handle will love its new dress! 
 This cute kitchen towel hangs over your oven handle and dresses up your kitchen. The bodice features green floral twists and turns. The ties are strong grosgrain ribbon. The towel is double sided,absorbent and covered with lucky shamrocks. Lace finishes off the neckline.   $10 plus shipping.        

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fence Post with a View #40

Beautiful Angel in Aunt Gayle's Garden - Anna Pearl's daughter who passed away last week.  RIP, beautiful Auntie

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Moment I Fell In Love

The following story was posted in February 2015.  I wrote it for my Hunky Hubby for Valentines Day that year.  I wanted to re-post it this year.  Why?  It is a really sweet, true story about why I love my big burly rancher man so very much.  I hope you enjoy it.....again!
The Moment I Fell In Love
Do you remember the moment you fell in love?  It might have been the most important Ah Hah moment of your life.  For some people, it happens during a romantic date.  For others, it may happen during a crisis.
For Hunky Hubby and I, it happened in the Milk Shed.  After dating for about a year, I went to the barn with Hubby to do the afternoon milking.  This wasn't the first time I had sat on an old bucket, watching  his experienced hands coax milk from a cow.  Hubby had been milking twice a day throughout most of his life.  There had been many milk cows come and go over the years.  I heard tales of a Jersey, a Brown Swiss, and a Holstein.  They each had a name and were regarded as part of the family.  My mother in law sold the cream to the local creamery for years.  She would use the money for groceries that they could not produce themselves.
On this particular day, Hunky Hubby was milking a Guernsey cow.  She was a gentle soul with all the patience of a saint.  With just a call, she would make her way to the milking shed, which was built of logs in the late 1800's.  Upon entrance into the shed, she would dutifully go to the feed trough and start munching on the waiting grain.  It wasn't necessary to put her in a stanchion, she was content to stand quietly.
The cow was lowing as she nuzzled her nose into the grain.  Three barn cats had gathered around the back end of the cow.  They were watching Hubby intently, as though they were expecting him to do something.  Intense stares, followed by a rub on his leg brought them his attention.  "Oh, what do you guys want?", he said, softly.  The cats gathered in closer to the back leg of the cow. 
Hunky Hubby turned the teat that he was holding.  A steady stream of milk sprayed across the room, landing resolutely in one of the cats open mouth.  A gasp escaped my lips as I realized what was happening.  My big burly rancher man was going to feed those cats straight from the cow! Who does that?  One does not imagine that a macho, testosterone driven , outdoorsy man would even think of the welfare of a few barn cats.  I was in LOVE! 
On each pull of the teat, a different cat would get the stream of milk.  While the other two were waiting for their turn, they would lick their fur, making sure not a drop of precious milk was wasted.  Two squirts for the bucket, three squirts for the cats.  Two squirts for the bucket, three squirts for the cats.  This process continued until the cow was milked or the cats were satiated.
The milk shed has been torn down.  We no longer have a milk cow.  We only have one cat.  She isn't a barn cat.  She is a back porch cat, who yells at us to feed her.  Her cry is not "Meow".  It is "NOW"!  The charming setting of this story has been replaced by reality.  We have a mortgage, two car payments, and adult children.  We live in a little log house that we struggle to pay for.  Sitting on the front porch while watching our bossy cat take a bath, we are transported back to 34 years ago.  We fell in love in a milk shed.  I am totally okay with that!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Custom Wedding Florals

Anna Pearls Attic Creates Custom Wedding Florals! 
Email us for Details!

Below are some examples from Ashley V's beautiful wedding in July 2016.  Stay tuned for more pictures for our portfolio.
Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquet and Hairpiece

Mother's Corsage

Friday, January 27, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Chicken Kale Quinoa Soup

This recipe is so good for your body and your soul.  It's loaded with healthy proteins from the chicken, quinoa, and chickpeas!  There is lots of vegetables to give you precious vitamins and minerals.  It's hot and steamy.  Top it with a little parmesan cheese.  You will think you have died and gone to heaven.

Anna Pearl's Chicken Kale Quinoa Soup

Makes 6 servings

1      Tbls. Olive Oil
1      Yellow Onion, diced
1      Green Pepper, diced
4      Garlic Cloves, finely diced
2      Chicken Breasts, Boneless, Partially Frozen,     diced into bite-sized pieces
2      Quarts Water
1      Knorr Chicken Bouillon Cube
2      Teas.  Italian Seasoning
2      16 oz. cans Tomatoes, diced
1      16 oz. can Chickpeas or Garbanzo Beans
1      Bunch Kale, chopped
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Parmesan Cheese to garnish

In a Dutch oven, heat olive oil.  Sauté diced onions until translucent.  Add diced green pepper.  Sauté for 4 minutes.  Add diced garlic and sauté for an additional 3 minutes.  Transfer onion/pepper/garlic mixture into a stock pot. 

Place chicken into Dutch Oven.  Sauté until no pink shows in center.  Add to stock pot.  Add a little bit of water to the Dutch Oven, stir around, and pour into the stock pot.  

Add Water, Bouillon, Italian Seasoning, Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Kale.  Bring the soup to a boil.  Lower the heat and let simmer for 30 to 40 minutes, until kale is tender.  Top with Parmesan Cheese to garnish.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Anatomy of a Good Lunch

HEALTH BENEFITS OF BLACK BEANS  *   THE BLACK BEAN IS REALLY GOOD FOR YOUR HEART!  Lots of fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin B6, and phytonutrients!  The fiber helps to lower your cholesterol.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF QUINOA  *  QUINOA IS THE SUPERGRAIN OF THE FUTURE!  Fiber, Fiber, Fiber!  Protein, Protein, Protein!  Not to mention iron, lysine, magnesium, Riboflavin (B2), Manganese.  Very good for you!

Helps muscle growth, aids maintenance of weight, prevents cataracts and skin disorders, reduces risks of colorectal cancer

Vitamin K builds those bones, Vitamin A sharpen your peepers, the nitrates repair the muscles, and the folate and fiber protect your heart.  They also help prevent stroke!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

'Knee Porn: What's the Big Deal?'

      In the movie ‘Braveheart’, the story of the First War of Scottish Independence is told.  ‘Braveheart’ features the actor Mel Gibson who plays the infamous Scottish warrior, William Wallace.   The film won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Makeup, and Best Sound Editing at the 68th Academy Awards. Throughout the film, Mel Gibson is wearing the traditional Scottish kilt.  His knees and legs are clearly seen throughout the movie.  Although this film won many awards and Mel Gibson has lovely knees, there was no mention of knee porn related to the wearing of the kilt.
Photo Credit: Travis Simpkins
      When James McAvoy (X-Men) wore a kilt to an after party following the Royal Film Performance and the World Premiere of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ in 2005, there was no mention of knee porn on the television talk shows. 
Photo Source: Pinterest

      Gerard Butler (Lara Croft, How to Train Your Dragon) dressed in a brown leather kilt, pink shirt, untied army boots and carried a sword at a Scottish Evening of Fashion and Fun at Copacabana in New York City in 2005.  Although those in attendance had a good laugh at Gerard’s expense, the internet did not light up with kneeporn articles. 
Photo Source: Pinterest
      At the Johnnie Walker ‘Dressed to Kilt 2007’ fashion show at the Capitale Theater in New York City, Tony Curran (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) wore a plaited green kilt and danced a jig down the runway.  Twitter was not all a-twitter with #Kneeporn tweets.
Photo Credit:  Getty Images
      Yet, on August 9, 2014, the first episode of   Starz’ Outlander premiered.  Since that day, Knee Porn has become a social media buzz word.  In fact, a search of Twitter using the hashtag #kneeporn shows that Chelle Yodogawa ‏@kykico posted it on September 1, 2014.  She said “Is anyone else pausing the stable scene and trying to get a peek under the kilt?” #kneeporn #OutlanderCAN @Heughan @Writer_DG
Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz Make a
      This tweet was in reference to “the kilt” worn by the character Jamie Fraser who is played by actor Sam Heughan.  Heughan’s portrayal of Jamie Fraser has taken the internet by storm.  Facebook groups have sprung up with overwhelming numbers of adoring fans.  Photos of Sam in every different possible situation are being passed around social media.  Memes are being created and photo collages are being displayed. 
Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz
      Though most of Mr. Heughan’s rather magnificent physique has been displayed in the storyline of the show, it is his knees that have caused the most conversation online.  One woman said, “Jamie was covered in blood, and all I can see is his knees….”  There have been offers to marry Sam’s knees.  People are thanking God for “the” knees.  Instead of drawing attention to their abs, men are taking pictures of the sexy knees.  Michele Watkins #watkinsteam tweeted, “We hit the motherlode!! #kneeporn #Outlander.”
Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz
      Season Three of Outlander is being filmed in Scotland and South Africa. It is expected to air on Starz in April 2017, barring any complications during filming.   The producers have promised to delight its audience with more adventures, intrigue and romance.  No doubt, there will be more opportunities for viewers to have a “wee” glimpse of Jamie Fraser’s knees here and there.  Just how far these devoted Outlander fans will go with their #KneePorn addictions is yet to be determined.  It will certainly be amusing to watch as this phenomenon continues to unfold.  Expect an overload of photos of hairy, sexy legs. 
Photo Credit: Outlander/Starz
More information about the Outlander series can be found at  The first episode is free! 
Disclaimer:  If Starz gets their nickers in a wad about this post, I say this:  Stop yer whinin', lads.  I have provided a link to yer page. Just so ye ken, I make not a shillin' off this blog.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fence Post with a View #33

Legend has it that after losing the love of her life, Native American Princess Timpanogas climbed to the top of this mountain and jumped to her death.  Grandfather was so sad that He placed her atop the mountain to be memorialized forever.  Do you see her profile?

Mount Timpanogas near Heber, UT

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Most Popular Post of 2016 was.....

Whew!  2016 is over!  I think that might be a good thing, considering all of the celebrities we have lost this year.  I kept thinking it cannot possibly get worse.  Then, another famous person would turn to an was worse!  After Carrie Fisher passed away, I went to a mountain cabin and hid for the rest of the year.  I just didn't want to know....

It was a very happy year in our family, though!  We were able to get our youngest child married off to an amazing young lady that we love very much.

 Our blog reached 30,000 visitors!  We had a fun giveaway.  My dear Farmgirl friend CEEJAY won!  That made me very happy! 


We are creeping up on 40,000 visitors as of today!  That is almost 10,000 views in a year.  Who'd a thunk our little blog would get to see so many friends from all over the world!

The blog had a poem about a Rolly Polly, some horse riders in the drive-up at McDonalds, some love from a few chicks, the loss of a furry friend, and quite a few Fence Posts with a View.

The favored topic of 2016 seems to have changed from previous years.  My obsession with the Outlander series seems to have spread to about 500,000 other people in the world.  (Of course, I am taking credit for all the interest!  It has nothing to do with the amazing story, the beautiful costumes, the incredible cinematography or the sexy leading men or women. )

The Top Three Posts of 2016 were as follows:

#3  Fence Post with a View #25  114 Views
#2  New Obsession - Outlander on Starz  178 Views

And the Number One Post of 2016......Wait for It.....Wait for It.............with 605 views

#1  Now We Know What They Wear Under The Kilt  

With that final result, I may have to spend 2017 re-evaluating my blog and it's purpose.  (Just kidding, I'm not changing a thing.)