Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I call it my "Brain"

I have a planner and I call it my "Brain". 

If I don't have my "Brain" nothing gets done.  I start my morning with my "Brain" scheduling my day.  I actually schedule "scheduling time".  I know it sounds extreme. I implore you to understand that I am extremely ADD.  I need the structure to direct me. 

Every morning, I tear off a piece of the lined yellow notebook paper.  You know the kind that every boss in the world carries around so that you think he knows what he is talking about because it is written down on that stupid pad.   I scribble down every last thing I would love to get done that particular day.  It is kind of like a free thinking wish list. 

The next step to this rather arduous planning process is to go over the list and pick out the things I absolutely have to get done today.  I call this My Of Great Consequence List. These are the tasks that if not completed someone is going to a; starve, b; die, or c; fire me if I don't get them done.  They include feeding and watering the animals and Hunky Hubby, taking my medicine, and going to work.  Those things get written down in my planner "Brain" in order of importance. 

Once at work, I do the whole process again.  This time I do the free thinking with work tasks. 

I always try to pick at least one thing that I want to do.  Something just for me.  Sometimes it has to be something minor because my have too's are too many.  It might be running by McDonalds for an Iced Caramel Mocha.  Hey, If Momma ain't happy. ain't nobody happy!

Weekends at Anna Pearl's Attic are NO PLANNING ZONES!  This means that we drift with the wind, having no particular direction in mind.  It does seem that we drift in the way that Hunky Hubby directs, though.  This phenomenon occurs when my "Brain" gets tired from all the planning it has to do.  It's called "Brain" overload.

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