Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Suddenly Dirty

The Christmas morning fire had not even dimmed when I realized that my house had become "DIRTY" over night.  I mean, literally over night.

Christmas Eve was spent at the ranch with family.   I spent all day baking two roasts for the French Dip Sandwiches we were having for dinner that night. When it started snowing hard in the mid-afternoon, we decided to leave early for the 45 minutes drive over the notoriously bad "Sisters" in Southwest Wyoming.

When we left the house was not dirty.   

When we returned, we were sleepy eyed and stuffed from too much dinner and goodies.  The time spent with our family was irreplaceable.  Even, though the roads were horrible and our nerves were shot, we were happy to be home to our little log cabin.  
Even then, the house was not dirty.

Upon rising from our warm bed on Christmas Day, our house was not dirty.  We dressed in our robes  and tottered to the living room to open the presents under the tree.  We laughed and had a great time, watching each other discover what the others had picked out for them.  The dog was snuggled on my lap and all was well.  There was wrapping paper scattered over the floor. Boxes, bows, and gifts were everywhere.  When we completed the unwrapping process, each person had his/her own pile of treasures to cart off to their room.

As we finished the clean-up, I noticed a cobweb hanging down from the ceiling to the horn of the bison skull on the wall.  (It's a log cabin, okay?)  As I reached up to pull it down, I suddenly realized that ..................


This realization usually doesn't hit me until after New Year's Day.  The cleaning/organizita side of my personality usually waits until I have all the Christmas decorations stowed to rear its ominous head.  This year, it came early.  I noticed every cobweb.  Suddenly, there were marks on the walls and floors.  It became clear that the blinds needed to be cleaned.  Light fixtures suddenly filled with dead flies and spots appeared on the windows. Dirty spots in the carpet jumped out and screamed at me, like a banshee screams in a graveyard.      


ARRRRGGGGHH! I am in big house is dirty!  Soon, there will be a parade of brooms, mops, sponges, rags, and spray bottles making its way through our little abode.

The logs need to be dusted and polished with oil.  Windows will be washed and window sills wiped.  There will be the rushing sound of the carpet cleaner, driving the dog to hide under the bed.  Cupboards will be cleaned out and the old will be forced out.  (Not you, dear husband.  Although you will always be older than me, I will keep you around.)  Appliances will be pulled out to display 6 months of "collections" underneath.  Nothing will be safe from this vacuuming, spritzing, spraying, crazy cleaning women.  All dirty things will run and hide in terror.

Okay, maybe my family are the people who are in trouble.  Let's face it people!!!

MY HOUSE IS DIRTY!!!!!   Hehehe....not for long!