Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anna Pearl's Attic

People ask me all the time why I named my business, Anna Pearl's Attic.  My Norwegian grandma was named Anna Pearl.  Her parents came to Utah from Norway.  She lived most of her life in Provo, Utah.  She raised 7 kids and has many grandchildren in her posterity.  To visit Anna Pearl's house was a treat.  From her amazing potato salad to the baby swim pool filled to the brim with ice and Shasta pop, Anna Pearl went out of her way to make family welcome.

I hope you enjoy this poem that was written about one of the adventures I had at Anna Pearls House.

Anna Pearl’s Attic
By Sherone Taylor, Anna Pearl’s Grand-daughter

A childhood adventure, my sisters and I
Would embark, as we all recall
Into the small attic, in search of treasures
Three little girls would crawl.

One section was bright, lit by the sun
Through a window, warm beams were cast
Herein was found every beautiful thing
A young woman’s treasures of past.

Under the eave was a tiny wood door,
Mysterious treasures beyond.
Here lay the golf clubs, books and tools
Things of which Grandpa was fond.

In the back of the attic, away from the light
In a space we feared a great deal
Jars of home canned fruit and vegetables hid
Ingredients of our next meal.

The attic is cleaned out, the little girls grown
Grandma and Grandpa have passed.
Memories of childhood adventures
To the back of our minds have been cast.

Once in while, a sight, smell or taste
Perhaps a found object of art
Will bring memories of Anna Pearl’s attic
Back into the face of our hearts.