Friday, May 6, 2011

The Beginnings of Assisted Nature

It has long been the dream of this certain blogger to have a greenhouse of my very own.  A place where I can assist Mother Nature in her work.  A place where I can go read a book, watch the bees do their business and listen to the plants grow.

The handsome one who lives with me has gifted me with my very own greenhouse.  What a wonderful gift for Mother's Day and my May birthday.  We are having a great time getting it set up.  Below are some pictures of the beginnings of the greenhouse house and also a nice outside bed for root crops and cold hardy vege.

This picture is taken from the front of the greenhouse (faces east).  It measures 8' x 12' and will have a thin fiberglass material cover.  The beds are 12" deep and 2 1/2' wide.  We are using untreated 2" x 6" pine to create the beds.  There used to be a utility trailer parked in this spot, so we did not have to clear grass or plants from the area.

As you can see, the walkway in the center will be made of a red brick.  We started with a base of fine sand and then topped it with composted natural material to hold down any weeds that might want to work their way into the pathway.

Here is the beginnings of the outside bed.  The previous owners of our property had an old car sitting in the spot, so the grass has already been killed off.  We will start by using the logs for the frame of the box.  They are left over from the building of our house and are not treated, so no danger of leaching chemicals!  The bed will be 4' x 12'.  This is where I will plant my beets, carrots, corn, lettuce, broccoli, etc.

 As we go through the process of making my dream come true, I will continue to document this journey as we make progress.