Friday, August 17, 2012

Boredom in the Workplace

Below is a link for an interesting article on Boredom at Work.  According to the article, there are three reasons for boredom at work.

1.  Major Disconnect - You don't mesh with the job, co-workers, or company
2.  Under-Utilization - You feel like you are invisible.  No feedback from supervisor, non-challenging  work, political isolation.
3.  Confinement - you are unable to grow within your job.  No training or advancement opportunities, lack of feelings of impact.

The New Resilience - Feeling Bored at Work

Another article talked about 30 ways to keep yourself from getting bored at work.  Following is a list of the 30 things.  In the article, more information is given for each item.  It is a must read if you are dealing with boredom at work.

  1. Create a new challenge.
  2. Pursue your next job.
  3. List your life goals.
  4. Read Zen Habits.
  5. Declutter your workspace.
  6. Pursue a hobby.
  7. Make your work a game.
  8. Educate yourself.
  9. Improve your skills.
  10. Play Sudoku.
  11. Choose a soothing desktop picture.
  12. Do some pushups and crunches.
  13. Take a day or two off.
  14. Take a walk.
  15. Drink some water.
  16. Call a loved one.
  17. Read.
  18. Start writing your novel.
  19. Take a nap.
  20. Create a new project or role.
  21. Write a love letter.
  22. Do one small thing to make yourself wealthier. T
  23. Write a blog post.
  24. Do an errand.
  25. Update your personal finances.
  26. Meditate at your desk.
  27. Organize your files.
  28. Clear out your inbox.
  29. Crank up the tunes.
  30. Get wild!  Have Fun!