Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Houses That Raised Me

      After moving 22 times before the 6th grade, I guess you could call me a gypsy.  My father worked construction.  We moved to different areas to follow the available work.  I have lived in a camp trailer in Arizona, a several rental houses and a house trailer.  I never lived in a house that my parents owned.  Later in my childhood, they did purchase a Marlette house trailer and that is where we lived when I graduated from high school.

      Moving every 6 months or so made school difficult for a growing child.  My class would start working on a concept and then we would move.  When I got to the new school, they were usually in the middle of a different concept and I would have to catch up.  Another challenging aspect was making friends.  I would just get a good friend......we would move.  It was very hard for a young girl to move on from so many freindships.

 ....there were more positive than negative experiences.

      Although multiple moves had it's disadvantages, there were more positive than negative experiences.  We were allowed as youth to explore the area that we lived in.  There were many day trips with the family of six in an old car driving around looking at the sights of the current town we lived in.  There were weekend trips where Dad would say, "Let's go for a ride!"  We would end up in Idaho and have to stay the night in an old hotel.   Many trips were made to Provo, UT or Salt Lake City, Ut to spend time with grandparents and beloved Aunties.  On the way home from any trip, we might see a side road and travel down it, "Just to see what was there."

....near lakes, the ocean, many rivers, some creeks, and several springs.
      We lived in the city.  We lived in a RV park.  We lived in several small towns.  We lived in a trailer park with a pool.  We lived in a trailer park with cool hills that had caves for exploring.  We lived near lakes, the ocean, many rivers, some creeks and several springs.  We lived on a farm where I learned to really play and really work.

While I can't share a photo of the house that raised me, I can show you the people who lived in the houses that raised me. 

This photo was taken two days before my sweet Mom passed away.  She is in her jammies, so she will probably be mad at me for posting it.  However, this is how I want to remember her.  My handsome father is what my daughter calls, "A Hot Grandpa".  He was the real adventurer in the family and kept us up to our elbows in things to see and do.

Thanks for traveling down another road of memories and adventures with me.


Sherone ~ Anna Pearl's Granddaughter