Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Oldie, But a Goodie

Please meet Baby!  She is our 15 year old black lab.  We got her from a lady in Fort Bridger, WY.  She was the runt of the group and seemed very timid.  She is shorter in length than most labs.  Therefore, she has always looked chubby.  Now, she really is chubby. 
 In these pictures, she is doing what she does best....Fishing and chasing a stick!
She never really eats the fish.  She just likes to carry them around.  This photo was taken at Viva Naughton Reservoir near Kemmerer, WY.    Hunky Hubbie had filleted a nice trout for dinner.  Baby took the opportunity to carry this fish around like it was a trophy!  Another one of her favorite activities is ice fishing.  She sits at the hole with her nose about an inch from the water.  When a fish is caught, she will grab it as it comes out of the ice.  She doesn't hurt the fish, though.  She has a very gentle mouth.
In this photo, she is doing her second favorite thing.  Chasing a stick!  Whether on the land or water, she is definitely a retriever.
Baby is getting older.  She suffers from arthritis.  She has survived breast and uterine growth surgery.  She is overweight and walks are more difficult these days. We have to lift her into the truck to take her to the ranch or fishing.We try to make her as comfortable as we can.  She has a whole backyard of green grass to lounge on.  She is the most gentle soul who just wants to be with her "people".  God blesses us every day that she is here with us.