Monday, February 18, 2013

Temporary Fix

 The Problem - Rock fell off the wall.  We plan to replace the wood stove wall with tile.  However, we are not quite ready to tackle the project.  I was sitting about 3 feet away from this wall when this rock decided to descend.  Although it did not break the rock, it did send me into a rather girlish scream.  I jumped out of my comfy loveseat and said a few words that I'm sure my mama would not have been proud of.  Fortunately, Handy Hubby was there to rescue me.
 He applied some wood adhesive that he had stored in the Handy Hubby Hideout (The Garage)
Here is Handy Hubby's Handsome Hands replacing the rock in it's former housing.  It has stayed up there for a month now.  The repair is not exactly beautiful, but will serve the purpose until we can tackle the whole project.