Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Backyard Visitors

Mr and Mrs Blue Heron came to visit the back forty about a month back.  Little Heron was also here, a'visitin'.

Daddy Heron decided to look up from eating to check out the neighbors.  Seems some crazy lady, wearing pink capris and a wife beater was trying to take pictures of his family.

He said to Mrs. Heron, "Look at that redneck, taking pictures of us.  Least she could do is put some decent clothes on.  We work so hard on our plumage.  Do we have to put up with this?"  He and Little Heron went back to snacking on bugs.  They tried hard to ignore the click of the camera.

Finally, Mother Heron had enough!  She shouts at the oddly clad photographer, "Look, Lady!  We are just trying to eat in peace.  How do you think it feels to have crazy paparazzi hanging around all day?  Give us a break!"

She couldn't let it go at that.  As the photographer walked away, she shouted, "By the way, wife beaters went out of style in the 80's.  Sheesh!"

Guess she told me.........