Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Sewing We Must Go........

Last fall, my best friend and I embarked on a journey.  We decided to do a craft booth at our local Santa's Workshop.  This event is held in late November and is a craft/retail fair attended by approximately 5000 people. 

We started sewing in October, which is way too late to start sewing for a craft fair.  You should start in January!  Anyway, we made some oven door towels like the pictures below:

We sold them for $12.  I only sold two of them at the show.  However, I sold 20 of them to co-workers and friends.  I have also received additional orders for them after the show.  In fact, I just got an order to do one for every holiday of the year.

I am now frantic searching for towels that will work for other seasons.  Darn it, I have to shop online!  I am also have a grand time, shopping for fabrics, lace, and buttons.

The moral of the story is:

1.    Plan Ahead
2.    Plan for the Unexpected
3.    Always Plan!