Friday, January 17, 2014

The Impossible Has Been Achieved! *Almost*

For thirty-some years, this farmgirl has been striving to achieve a dream.  I would like to have a well stocked, organized refrigerator storage dish cupboard.  Up to this point, this has not been a feasible dream.  There are many reasons why there is always a shortage of storage dishes in our home.  Most of them I can blame on Hunky Hubby or my rotten children.  However, said rotten children have flown the coop and Hunky Hubby should not have to take the considerable weight of this issue on his rather attractive shoulders alone.  Therefore, I must confess that I am part of the problem.

Following is the Top Ten list of why we do not have adequate refrigerator storage containers in our home.

10.      Hunky Hubby takes them to work and they never return.
9.        Anna Pearl takes them to work and they never return.
8.        Hunky Hubby puts two tablespoons of leftovers in them and puts them in the freezer.
7.        Anna Pearl leaves them in refrigerator until the mold grows so thick that it scars the plastic.
6.        Hunky Hubby takes frozen leftovers to dogs (No one will eat them) and leaves them outside.
5.        Anna Pearl feeds the dogs in them, because she is too lazy to look for their dishes.
4.        Baby and Cooper (the dogs) eat their food and then eat the dishes.
3.        Anna Pearl waters the cat in them and then forgets to bring them in.  Repeat - Dogs eat them.
2.        The wyoming winds blows them away!
1.        The number one reason there is an inadequate supply of refrigerator storage dishes is........Anna Pearls is disorganized!

Well no more, my friends!  With the help of my son and his fiance, I have a more than adequate supply of dishes.  (Fabulous Christmas Present!)  I have organized the cupboard, placing each lid on the corresponding dish.  I have arranged the dishes according to size and shape.  Below is the result:

I understand that many may feel this is not an adequate supply.  Please take into consideration that there are many more unseen dishes. (Remember, the freezer and the moldy fridge?) 
This dream has been a long time coming to fruitation.  However, I beleive that it will not take very long to come undone.  This is the reason for this post today.  Tomorrow, the beautiful stocked and organized refrigerator storage dishes on the Tiny Taylor Ranch will probably be in disarray and we would have missed the opportunity to share it with you.  Aren't you glad I am on top of things around here?