Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Most Popular Post of 2016 was.....

Whew!  2016 is over!  I think that might be a good thing, considering all of the celebrities we have lost this year.  I kept thinking it cannot possibly get worse.  Then, another famous person would turn to an angel....bam...it was worse!  After Carrie Fisher passed away, I went to a mountain cabin and hid for the rest of the year.  I just didn't want to know....

It was a very happy year in our family, though!  We were able to get our youngest child married off to an amazing young lady that we love very much.

 Our blog reached 30,000 visitors!  We had a fun giveaway.  My dear Farmgirl friend CEEJAY won!  That made me very happy! 


We are creeping up on 40,000 visitors as of today!  That is almost 10,000 views in a year.  Who'd a thunk our little blog would get to see so many friends from all over the world!

The blog had a poem about a Rolly Polly, some horse riders in the drive-up at McDonalds, some love from a few chicks, the loss of a furry friend, and quite a few Fence Posts with a View.

The favored topic of 2016 seems to have changed from previous years.  My obsession with the Outlander series seems to have spread to about 500,000 other people in the world.  (Of course, I am taking credit for all the interest!  It has nothing to do with the amazing story, the beautiful costumes, the incredible cinematography or the sexy leading men or women. )

The Top Three Posts of 2016 were as follows:

#3  Fence Post with a View #25  114 Views
#2  New Obsession - Outlander on Starz  178 Views

And the Number One Post of 2016......Wait for It.....Wait for It.............with 605 views

#1  Now We Know What They Wear Under The Kilt  

With that final result, I may have to spend 2017 re-evaluating my blog and it's purpose.  (Just kidding, I'm not changing a thing.)