Friday, May 31, 2013

Needful Things from Lehman's

What would you need in a Homesteading situation?  This is a question I asked myself recently.  Hunky Hubby and I have been collecting stuff for about 32 years now.  When I think of all the "stuff" we have, I seriously doubt that most of it would be useful if we were forced into a homesteading way of life.

Today, I would like to point out a few things that we could use in the event that we have to return to the off grid, simplistic lifestyle of our forefathers.  All of the items below were picked randomly from a search I did on for clearance items.  They are all for sale and are priced reasonably.  I do not have a personal relationship with this vendors. I do not profit from this post.

One-man Fence Stretcher

One-man Fence Stretcher
Heavy-duty stretcher holds wire in place so your hands are free to make the repairs. Move the traveling hook to where you need it (against post or wire). Stationary hook brings up the slack.
  • Use for splicing and stretching fence wiring
  • Ideal for high-tensile, barbed and smooth wire 
  • $59.95

  • Works at any depth
  • Special leak-proof valve opens to fill then closes automatically when bucket is drawn up
  • Use for emergencies or temporary installations
  • Not intended for everyday use
  • Galvanized steel with watertight, crimped seams
  • Reinforced with 16-gauge crossbar and extra-strong bottom
  • You may have to remove any installed submersible pump before using a well bucket
  • Holds 1.9 gallons
  • Fits wells down to 4"ID
  • 2" welded ring for rope
  • 3-1/2"ODx52"L
  • 4 lb.
  • Locally made by the Amish.


Lehman's Own Butter Churn
Based on the “Dazey” churn from the past, we’ve improved our churn for better quality and performance. Now it’s more durable with stainless steel, rust-resistant paddle and lid. Plus, with long-lasting, self-lubricating gears, churning butter is easier and much faster.
  • Bigger, square glass jar holds 5 quarts, churns approx. 3 qt.
  • 16-1⁄4"H, 5"OD opening, 6 lb.
  • Assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts.
  • Includes FREE Making Cheese, Butter and Yogurt booklet with tips and recipes.