Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fence Post with a View #7

We recently completed a HUGE fencing project on our lower 40 acres. All of the fence had to be removed and replaced with new post and wire. This was a daunting job for two middle aged ranchers, who aren't in the best physical shape. Thankfully, with the love, support and physical work of our family and friends, the project is complete and the cows are safe in their wanderings.

We wanted to share a few photo of the project over the next few weeks. Below is our wonderful friend, David Dale Pinter, who spent hours helping us patch the fence before we could get it replaced. You may remember David Dale as a guest photographer in previous posts. David Dale is the photographer of the pictures in this post.

That's Hunky Hubbie working on the fence

Super Friend and Photographer Extraordinaire, David Dale Pinter