Friday, January 9, 2015


Guess what!  Wyoming is cold in January! 
Yes, that is snow blowing in under that door!

Time for Vacation!  Arizona....Here We Come!
Even though we will basking in the sunshine with our toes in the sand, I won't be shirking my blogging duties.  Next week, we will be featuring 3 Fence Posts With A View.  I will give you a little of them is far, far, far away from Wyoming. 

 Once again, David Dale Pinter (photographer Extraordinaire) has gone PoStaL with some great shots!  Let me know if you want to purchase any of David's Photography.  I am sure he would love to talk with you.

(There will be no Product of the Week or Recipe next week.)
Enjoy and I will be thinking of you while I'm sitting by the pool.  (NOT!)