Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Royal Inn and Suites in Kanab, Utah

Our first stop on our trip to Arizona was in the lovely town of Kanab, UT.  This small tourist town has loads of charm.  Interesting museums, shops and restaurants line the main street that winds through town.  There are many hotels to choose from.  They range from antique to sparkling new. The hotel we chose was somewhere in between.

Hunky Hubby decided to use Priceline to book our hotels for the trip.  He put in $45.00 for our night in Kanab.  The dice was rolled and we got the Royal Inn and Suites.

First, the positives! 

1.  The price was right!
2.  There is a Continental Breakfast.
3.  The hotel is easy to find, located on the main drag.
4   It is located close to restaurants!
5.  The view from the parking lot is incredible.  (See above)
6.  There is a large parking lot with many spots. (See below)
7.  The rooms were very clean.
8.  Remodeling has begun on this 70-80ish motel and the changes they are making are encouraging.

Now the Down Side!
1.  The bed are very soft.  Very, Very soft!  If you like that, turn this to a positive.
2.  The breakfast was all carbs!  Waffles, Cereal, Toast and Bagels.  Coffee or Juice.  If you like that, turn this to a positive.
3.  Although the room was very clean, the common areas needed some work.
4.  The staff was not very friendly and they did not speak clear English.  However, they seemed to know that and tried very hard.
5.  This is an older hotel, so don't expect modern décor.
Overall, we were happy with our stay.  We look for good value and cleanliness.  Both of these expectations were adequately fulfilled.  *Please note*  We are never paid for hotel reviews.  We just like to do them :)

Hunky Hubby loading the car
Hunky Hubby talking on the phone in the fog
This is the view at 8:02 am

This is the view at 8:10 am