Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cooper Gets a Job!

This very handsome young man is Cooper.  He is a full blood Blue Heeler.  I know, he doesn't look like a blue heeler.  He is mostly white, with blue in his undercoat.  He lives outside, so his coat stays long most of the year.  He has the cutest mask around his eyes.  It almost looks like a bandit's mask.

He is two years old and was given to my son by a friend in Randolph, UT.  We got him as a puppy and have enjoyed his sweet personality since.  He was supposed to be my son's dog.  However, Cooper has chosen Hunky Hubby as his "person".

Recently, the youth camp where Hunky Hubby works was having problems with cows getting through the fences.  Hunky Hubby took Cooper to work with him.  He let him out of the truck.  Instinctually, Cooper chased those cows out of the property with no instruction or guidance.  It turns out the Cooper is a cow dog!  Go Figure!

When Hunky Hubby told his supervisor about the success of the mission, Cooper was hired as the official camp dog.  His job description consists of chasing cows, digging holes, and charming children.  He is a natural at all three!